New Anglerfish Species Discovered

by Teresa Smith

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A new species of anglerfish was recently discovered in the northern Gulf of Mexico. While only 1-3 inches in length, they  are quite formidable looking as you can see:

New Anglerfish Species

Researchers at Nova Southeastern University discovers new anglerfish species, Lasiognathus dinema. credit NSU

3 females were caught at a depth of 3,280 to 4,921 feet in the midnight zone, so named because of its lack of sunlight.

There are over 200 species of anglerfish with the characteristic built-in fishing lure that dangles from their heads being the common trait.  This particular species is no different, having an appendage nearly as long as its body protruding from its head. 

The fish, now named Lasiognathus dinema, was caught during  a research expedition by Nova Southeastern University scientists led by Tracey Sutton who is credited as the discoverer along with Theodore Pietsch from the University of Washington. They were trawling for marine life at deep depths to observe the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010.

“As a researcher, the one thing I know is that there’s so much more we can learn about our oceans. Every time we go out on a deep-sea research excursion there’s a good chance we’ll see something we’ve never seen before – the life at these depths is really amazing,” Tracey Sutton, Ph.D said in a statement1

Newly discovered of Lasiognathus dinema species-

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