Baby Giant Squids – First Pictures

by Teresa Smith

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2 baby giant squids. Image: Toshifumi Wada

2 baby giant squids. Image: Toshifumi Wada

Giant squids can reach 33 feet in length and historical renderings of them overpowering ships surely would have struck fear in the imaginations of many sailors of the day.

These deep sea occupying , rarely seen behemoths don’t start off life as 33 foot long giants. Like everything else, they start off small…really small and until now their size was only logically assumed as no baby giant squids have actually ever been knowingly caught and photographed.

So, when marine biologist Toshifumi Wada was sent a picture of a rather strange looking squid from a Japanese aquarium, he was intrigued. He had them send over the frozen specimen and soon realized he was looking at a baby giant squid.

A fisherman caught the squid, recognized its odd look and long tentacles and passed it onto a local aquarium who, in turn sent a picture of it to Wada.

Wada studied the specimen and based on the length of the tentacles and arrangement of the suckers he determined it to be a baby giant squid.

A total of three already dead baby giant squids were caught on or near Japanese coasts in 2013 and the details of the find were just recently released in the journal of Marine Biodiversity Records. 

Genetic analysis conclusively proved that these 3 specimens were giant squid babies.

The 3 babies will be going on display in aquariums in western Japan sometime in the future as the Japanese public has become increasingly interested in giant squids.

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