800 Pound Sea Turtle Likely Died From Entanglement With Rope

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Dead Leatherback Sea Turtle Found off Cape Cod

Dead Leatherback Sea Turtle Found off Cape Cod. (Photo credit New England Aquarium)

A dead leatherback sea turtle that was found November 2 off Cape Cod likely died from drowning due to entanglement with some type of net. New England Aquarium examined the adult female turtle and found abrasions and lacerations on its flipper consistent with marine gear  entanglement.

She was tagged indicating she was born on an eastern Caribbean beach.

 (Photo credit New England Aquarium)

(Photo credit New England Aquarium)

Leatherback sea turtles are the largest turtles and one of the largest reptiles in the world reaching nearly 2,000 pounds. They have leathery shells more like the hide of a cow than the hard carapace of land turtles. They can dive to 3,000 feet and their egg laying on Southern U.S. beaches is heavily monitor protected with one sea turtle egg poacher receiving 21 months in prison for repeatedly stealing these eggs.

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