Fish are getting smaller on a large scale

  • In the 1900s, 60 lb Atlantic cod were common. Now they’re a third this size
  • Large groupers have been replaced by smaller snappers in the Florida Keys
  • Fishermen consistently catching the giants are artificially skewing evolution towards smaller fish

Average fish sizes are getting smaller than they were just a century ago according to Eric P. Palkovacs, an Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCSC. [click to continue…]

REPEAT OFFENDER: Sea turtle egg poacher is sentenced to prison

  • Georgia man caught stealing 84 eggs from Sapelo Island off Georgia coast
  • Was on probation for previously poaching  eggs on same island
  • Sea turtle eggs can be sold for $25 each on black market as a sexual performance enhancer
  • Judge not happy ~ throws book at him

Lewis Jackson, 61, from Brunswick, Georgia was convicted a second time for stealing leatherback sea turtle eggs- a violation of the Lacey Act. The Lacey Act is a 1900 United States law that bans trafficking in endangered species. [click to continue…]

Dead Leatherback Sea Turtle Found off Cape Cod

Dead Leatherback Sea Turtle Found off Cape Cod. (Photo credit New England Aquarium)

A dead leatherback sea turtle that was found November 2 off Cape Cod likely died from drowning due to entanglement with some type of net. New England Aquarium examined the adult female turtle and found abrasions and lacerations on its flipper consistent with marine gear  entanglement.

She was tagged indicating she was born on an eastern Caribbean beach. [click to continue…]


Lobster populations in southern New England have collapsed to levels never seen before. The lobster catch in RI is 1/3 of what it was in the 1990s while CT’s lobster population has all but disappeared. Southern MA is feeling the pinch as well. Meanwhile, Maine is having its fourth straight year of 100 million pound lobster hauls. [click to continue…]

Baby Giant Squids – First Pictures

Giant squids can reach 33 feet in length and historical renderings of them overpowering ships surely would have struck fear in the imaginations of many sailors of the day. These deep sea occupying , rarely seen behemoths don’t start off life as 33 foot long giants. Like everything else, they start off small…really small and until now their size […]

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Is 2015 the Worst El Nino Ever?

Just what do we mean by worst? Sometimes everything is just subjective. Consider the children of Britain for example; this Halloween they will face 70° F temperatures as they go trick or treating rather than the usual 50° F or less. This is just after the first snowfall of the season occurred in Northern Scotland. […]

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What is Sea Glass? How is Sea Glass Made?

What is Sea Glass Beachcombing has long been a relaxing pastime for the lucky few who vacation or live near the coast. Shells have long been the beachcomber’s treasure, but in recent years an old commodity has exceeded the shell’s value: sea glass. So, exactly what is sea glass? Also known as beach glass, mermaids […]

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Megalodon Shark ~ Tooth Washes Up in N.C.

  Megadolon sharks lived from 3-15 million years ago and were the absolute apex predator of the sea at the time. They dwarf the Great Whites today as you can easily tell by the comparative size of their teeth:

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Hurricane Patricia – Strongest Storm Ever in Western Hemisphere. Live Streaming

The most dangerous storm in history is barrelling towards the West Coast of Mexico and is expected to ,make landfall at 5pm ET near the tourist of Puerta Vallarta. It looks to be stronger than 1969’s Hurricane Camille, which is considered the strongest storm to date. It’s central pressure reading is already the lowest of any […]

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Latest Flight MH370 Theory

The latest theory on what caused flight MH370 to crash into the Indian Ocean states that a cargo of lithium batteries caught fire which disabled the communications, knocked everyone out from the fumes generated and eventually brought the plane down. Sounds plausible assuming the fire ddidn’t completely engulf the plane as it traveled for several hours after […]

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